Our Company and Crews Specialize in Testing and Deliveries of
All Transport Category and Govt. Aircraft with Total Ancillary Services Support
  Testing and Delivering Aircraft Worldwide for Airlines, Leasing Companies, MROs, and Govt Since 2003

PerDiem Pilots, LLC.  has assembled a worldwide network of vast resources throughout our years of operations since 2003 which includes Pilots,
Mechanics, MROs and DARS which enables our flexibility to accommodate variable customer requests and mission needs. These global assets insure
our ability  to manage and implement all aspects of the fluid logistics necessary to Safely and Efficiently complete each mission.
In addition our customers are continually updated on the progress of Testing and Ferry Flights as our 24/7  Flight Operations Dept maintains direct
communications with our crews throughout every project.
PerDiem Pilots, LLC. exclusively utilizes our highly experienced Pilots who
specialize in the Testing and Ferry business. Our company is owned and
operated by a former Airline Pilot and FAA Aviation Safety Inspector.  Safety and Customer Satisfaction is the DNA of PerDiem Pilots, LLC. and to that
end we consistently emphasize Safety First and strive to foster longtime trusting relationships with our valuable clients.

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Standing by to Serve 24/7 with Fast FCF Crew Deployment "Anywhere Anytime"
Ph +1-305-521-8677
Larry Mussman, Pres.
Boeing, Airbus, B-717, B-727, B-737, B-757, B-767, B-747, B-777, B-787, MD-80, MD-83, MD-88, MD-90, A-310,   
A-319, A-320, A-321, A-330, A-340, C-130, L-100, DASH 8, ATR-42, ATR-72, F-100, F-50, UH-1, UH-60, AH-64
and more.
Aircraft Ferry Services and Testing Worldwide 24/7
PerDiem Pilots, LLC. Specializes in all aspects of Testing, Demo and Delivery for Boeing, Airbus, Douglas for Airlines, Leasing
Companies, Banks, and MROs Worldwide 24/7. We provide Contract Fuel, Permits, Handling, Crew Transportation, Visas, License
Validations, Hotels, HF Kits and Rafts, FAA /CAA coordination,  RVSM Flights on our FAA OpSpecs, DAR services and AOG coordination
if needed...We provide All Services necessary to complete your mission! We have been SAFELY Testing and Transporting 100s of
various Aircraft through out the years and look forward to serving your Ferry, Testing, Demo needs Worldwide!
PerDiem Pilots, LLC. is Owned and Operated by highly experienced former Airline and FAA management and our Pilots are all
our regular cadre of International Airline Pilots who Specialize in Safely Testing, Demo and Ferry Delivery flights.
PerDiem Pilots, LLC. has Safely Tested and Delivered numerous Aircraft Worldwide every year Since 2003
PerDiem Pilots, LLC. Performs Govt. PDM FCF Total Services on Fixed Wing and Helos Worldwide
PerDiem Aircraft Services, LLC.
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Serving the Aviation Industry Since 2003
U.S. Govt. Contractor Cage # 5L0R9
NAICS 488190
Aircraft Ferry Service
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